We are building a sustainable business that keeps making beautiful and carefully crafted products all year round.

Our goal has always been to build ever greener products that evoke joy throughout the year. We don’t want to try to convince people to buy more things they don’t need, just because it’s on special offer.

We are not a fast-moving consumer goods brand. Our products are made to last, not for obsolescence.

We believe in providing great value every day, not just for a few days each year and our pricing is based on the labour, creativity and design behind the products. We have a highly skilled team of artisans in our Bristol workshop who make our products with love. Our prices reflect the time it takes to make something that will last year after year and be passed down through generations.

Personalised Christmas Stocking

Green & Heath produce in small batches and often make to order. We purposefully do not over-produce without knowing what our customers love so that we never sit on high levels of stock that we have to sell off at a discounted price.

What is Green Friday and why you should join it

With climate change being one of the biggest challenges facing us today, encouraging (or even pressurising) consumers to spend on products they don’t need just because they are on sale isn’t helping to reduce waste or our carbon footprint and in many cases it’s making it so much worse. If we want change to happen, we all have to behave differently - buy locally, make considered purchases and support sustainable businesses. This is why Green Friday is a much better option for everyone.

Green Friday events will run throughout November at Green & Heath as a way of encouraging consumers to be more considered in their purchases and to highlight how a surprising number of products, particularly fabrics, can be repurposed rather than thrown away when they are no longer needed.

personalised eye mask

Although we will not be offering discounts on products this November, we will be giving our customers something extra with every purchase. This will include a free lavender bag made from scrap William Morris fabric, making good use of off-cuts from our product ranges. We will also be offering free personalisation on our lavender filled eye masks, Christmas stockings and lap trays to encourage more personal, thoughtful purchases that customers will want to keep for many years.

I believe that Green Friday provides an opportunity to indulge a little on coveted products that you will love for years to come, whilst having a positive effect on consuming less and inspiring change.

We look forward to encouraging you to buy better this November!

Ellen x