As part of Green Friday we are encouraging consumers to be more considered in their purchases and highlighting how a surprising number of items you all ready own, particularly fabrics, can be re-purposed instead of thrown away.

Here we have a free pattern and instructions on how to make your very own tote bag. We made ours out of left over William Morris fabric, however you could use a tea towel, favourite old t-shirt or even some pre-loved curtains!

Make your own tote bag

Click here to download the pattern

1. Measure and cut - Use the pattern to measure and cut out your material to size. You should have four pieces of fabric in total. Mark on the two notches on side 1 on both bag sides.

2. Stitch the straps - Fold one strap fabric in half lengthways (print facing inwards). Straight stitch down the long side. Turn inside out. Repeat on the second strap.

3. Stitch the bag - Place the two pieces of bag fabric together (print facing inwards). Straight stitch along sides 2, 3 and 4.

4. Attach the straps - Use the two notches on side 1 of the bag, top stitch one side of the strap to one notch on the non-print side of the fabric and the other side of the strap to the other notch. Repeat this on the other side of the bag with the second strap.

5. Fold - Fold over the top of the tote bag, with straps attached, 1cm. Fold over again, making sure that you fold it approx 3cm and pull the straps up out of the bag.

6. Hem - Top stitch around the top of the bag to hold the hem in place. Make sure to catch the straps in the stitch so they face out the top of the bag.

7. Finish - Turn bag out so the print faces outwards and you’re done!

Marigold Indigo William Morris Tote Bag

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