As part of Green Friday we are encouraging consumers to be more considered in their purchases and highlighting how a surprising number of items you all ready own, particularly fabrics, can be re-purposed instead of thrown away.

We're currently giving away a free William Morris lavender bag with every purchase in November but it's really easy to make your own beautifully scented bag from any scrap material you have.

Make your own Lavender bag

Click here for the pattern

1. Measure and cut - Use the pattern to measure and cut out your material to size.

2. Stitch the sides - Fold in half (print facing inwards), straight stitch along both sides and turn bag out.

3. Fill - Fill with dried lavender.

4. Fold - Fold in the top of the bag and then fold in again.

5. Hem - Top stitch around the top of the bag to hold the hem in place.

    See! We told you it was easy!

    We'd love to see your Lavender Bags - remember to tag us @greenandheath