Here's the third pattern giveaway as part of our Green Friday campaign. This week it's a Christmas Tree decoration made from scrap material and ribbon that includes a handwritten Christmas Wish. A perfect crafting project to do with little ones!

Make your own Christmas Tree decoration

Click here to download the pattern

  1. Measure and cut - Use the pattern to measure and cut out your material to size. You should have two pieces of fabric in total. Remember to mark on the two notches.
  2. Stitch - Place the two pieces of fabric together (print facing inwards). Stitch along the sides as per the pattern. Remember to leave a 1cm gap between the edge of the fabric and your stitch line and to add ribbon at the top of the star for the hanging loop.
  3. Turn - Leave the bottom of the star open between the two notches and turn inside out.
  4. Stuff - Fill the star with your recycled stuffing.
  5. Wish - Write down your Christmas wish and place inside the star.
  6. Stitch - Sew to close, remembering to add in some ribbon tails.
  7. Decorate - Add beads or bows to the ribbons.
  8. Finish - Hang your decoration on your tree and wait for your wish to come true!

We'd love to see your Christmas decorations photos - remember to tag us @greenandheath