Our final Green Friday pattern giveaway is for some Christmas bunting. Perfect to wrap around a staircase or to hang over the fireplace. We've used some beautiful William Morris left over fabric, you don't have to use Christmas themed material - anything you have laying around will do! We've used some ribbon in place of bias tape but you can use shop bought bias tape if you prefer.


Make your own Christmas bunting


Click here to download the pattern


  1. Measure and cut - Use the pattern to measure and cut out your material to size. You will need two triangles to make one finished flag. We recommend having three flags per metre of bunting so six triangles are needed for 1 metre, 12 triangles for 2 metres and so on.
  2. Stitch - Sew two triangles together (print facing inwards) along the two longer, side edges. Clip the corner, trim close to the point and turn flag out.
  3. Repeat - Repeat step 2 for the rest of your flags.
  4. Fold - Fold your ribbon or bias tape in half, place your flag in the fold and sew along the entire folded over edge.
  5. Spacing - We've left about 10cm gap in-between each flag but it's completely up to you, how to space out your flags.
  6. Finish - Give your bunting a quick press and you are done!


We'd love to see your Christmas bunting photos - remember to tag us @greenandheath