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Meet Ellen Green

I have always loved creating beautiful items that will bring people joy. I am also passionate about UK manufacturing, as I think it is vital that we can make the things we need and love at home, rather than depending on importing everything from far away lands.

Many of the prints you will find on the Green&Heath site take their inspiration from the beauty of the British countryside. That’s part of the reason Green&Heath uses sustainable manufacturing processes and recyclable packaging – so we can help to protect the world that inspires us.

This brand is a celebration of delicate patterns, indulgent colours and timeless design. I believe that the world displayed within our range is one full of wonder and romance and I can’t wait for you to explore it.

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The essence of Green&Heath

Handmade with love

All Green&Heath products are handmade in the UK with great care and delicacy, resulting in zero air miles and sustainably sourced packaging only. We treasure being a UK company, taking inspiration from Britain's sophisticated bygone years to reimagine the traditional. We support small-scale and traditional industries, creating jobs in the UK and building a talented workforce by investing into skills.

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